Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day

Next Event: IGED Sr., February 23rd, 2023

What is IGED?

Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day (IGED) is SWE-KC’s signature and award-winning outreach program. SWE-KC introduces middle school and high school students to various engineering disciplines with a keynote speaker, hands on activities, and panel discussions.

A brief history of IGED

Over 10 years of Outreach to encourage women in STEM. IGED started in 2011 with it’s junior counterpart starting in 2016.

See our resources tab below for more information and resources regarding your journey in engineering. Resources include learning about a variety of engineering types, getting involved with SWE-NEXT, and more!

“IGED, put on by SWE-KC and supported by the KCStem Alliance, provides girls a wonderful opportunity to meet with, and learn with other girls about the field of engineering. ”

Clara Hunt and Ellie Martin, 2023 attendees

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